Vascular Surgery

The Vascular Surgery Service at the Italian-Albanian hospital Salus enables the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases that affect the blood vessels, whether those of the arterial or venous system. In this service we offer diagnostics in outpatient conditions through eco-Doppler examination as well as other radiological examinations for all types of pathologies.
The staff of experienced Italian vascular surgeons offers all types of treatments, starting with those with medication methods, mini-invasive procedures and surgical interventions.
Dr. Gastone Bergamaschi is a surgeon specializing in vascular surgery and receives patients at Salus Hospital for visits and interventions for:
- Cerebrovascular diseases such as carotid artery stenosis
- Acute or chronic ischemic pathology of the upper limbs.
- Approach to hemodialysis (altero venous fistulas).
- Acute or chronic arteriopathy of the lower extremities; diabetic arteriopathy.
- Aneurysmal pathology of the abdominal or iliac aorta; aneurysmal pathology of the visceral arteries.
- Arteriopathy of varicose veins
- Superficial venous insufficiency
- Acute or chronic pathology of deep peripheral and iliac-caval venous circulation

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Dr. Gastone Bergamaschi

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