The Department of Rheumatology in Salus, is a branch of medicine that studies disorders mediated by the immune mechanisms of the musculoskeletal system, connective tissue, autoimmune diseases. Rheumatologic examination is a fundamental step in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. These examinations are performed by a specialist rheumatologist who deals with the treatment of common and less common pathologies.

Rheumatologic examination serves to monitor the response to therapies and to refine treatment.

The spectrum of rheumatologic diseases includes:


Dr. Valerio Pittoni

Dr.Laerta Goga

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Fitoni betejën kundër reumatizmës në Spitalin SALUS

Dr. Valerio Pittoni,reumatologu që trajton të gjitha llojet e artritrit.

Dita Botërore e Osteoporozës

Artriti Gutoz

''Ethet reumatike''

Reumatologjia, në Spitalin Salus