The Department of Psychology in Salus has an important function in providing psychological and preventive support to individuals seeking help for problems or disorders, as well as for patients staying in the hospital for long periods or not. The process of psychological therapy is primarily based on the patient’s motivation to improve the quality of his or her health, conducts psychological assessments and counseling sessions. The forms of therapy are varied such as individual therapy, multifamily therapy, group therapy and couple therapy. The psychologist conducts psychological tests to assess the individual’s intellectual abilities and facets, listens to the concerns, experiences, needs of the individual and helps him or her to accept his or her health reality.

Psychological therapy is a cure method for psychological distress / disorder and the success of a therapy depends primarily on the “feeling”, the relationship that is created between the therapist and the patient. Our priority is the importance of maintaining patient privacy. What is treated at the hearing remains between the patient and the psychologist.

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