Physiotherapy after a surgical intervention is essential for the complete recovery of the patient.
At Salus Hospital, the physiotherapy service offers a wide range of rehabilitation techniques, standing by the most specialized centers in Europe, for this service.
Starting from post-operative rehabilitation, rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries and outpatient physiotherapy, this department uses sophisticated medical techniques and equipment for rapid patient recovery.
The technologies used such as TecarTherapy, Shockwave therapy and Magneto Therapy, along with other manual devices that stimulate the motor apparatus, have been proven to be the most effective physiotherapeutic technologies.
At Salus Hospital you will be able to have your own personalized Post-Operator rehabilitation program, closely followed by Italian orthopedic doctors and applied by experienced physiotherapists!

Tecar Therapy

Magneto Therapy

Shock Wave Therapy


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Terapia Shockwave

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