The Department of Orthopedics at Salus Hospital deals with the diagnosis and treatment of osteo-articular (locomotor) pathologies, with particular reference to the surgical treatment of degenerative and traumatic articular diseases. Salus has state-of-the-art equipment and apparatus for a fair and efficient diagnosis of orthopedic pathologies and for performing diagnostic and operative endoscopic methods.

Treated pathologies include:

Types of Surgery:

  • LCA anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
  • Meniscectomy
  • Sewing meniscus
  • Pathology of synovial fluid
  • Cartilage pathology through microperformations and chondroabrasions (cartilage repair intervention)
  • Articular prosthesis (cochlear-femoral articulation prosthesis)
  • Knee arthrosis (total and monocomponent prosthesis)
  • Review of prosthetic (cocco-femoral) and knee implants
  • Placement of reconstructive dentures (prosthetic revision) in case of tumors of the kidney and knee
  • Prosthesis of Femoral Neck Fractures (Traumatological Cases)
  • Osteotomy of the tibia
  • Shoulder Denture (Total or Partial)
  • Ankle Prosthesis
  • Degenerative pathology of rotator cuff
  • Shoulder instability (habitual humerus head rest and other instabilities)
  • Halux Valgus
  • Metatarsal pain syndromes
  • The trauma of the sole
  • Pediatric flat foot (Dystaban)
  • Hammer fingers
  • Dupuytren’s disease
  • Deformities of the congenital and acquired fingers over time
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Foot surgery is performed using mini invasive techniques
  • Post-traumatic or degenerative ankle cartilage pathology
  • Ankle surgery is performed using arthroscopic techniques
  • Hand and arm surgery
  • Degenerative pathology of the bones and wrist and ankle articulations (rhythm, arthritic and rheumatoid arthritis, etc.).
  • Surgery of the Peripheral Nervous System (carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar elbow compression and Guyon canal compression).
  • Inflammatory and degenerative pathology of locomotor apparatus


Prof.Dr. Vincenzo Di Placido

Prof. Dr. Francesco Lijoi

Dr. Carmine Naccari Carlizzi

Dr. Flamur Vellku

Dr. Yllson Ibraimllari


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