The Salus Department of Ophthalmology offers the patient a comprehensive health treatment, which includes diagnostics, therapeutic and surgical treatment, hospitalization and post-operative follow-up. Thanks to the specialized medical staff of Italian and Albanian Ophthalmologists who have been dealing with specific eye pathologies for years, we are able to treat these pathologies as well as perform specialized ophthalmic surgery. Salus Hospital has state-of-the-art and avant-garde equipment and apparatus for accurate diagnosis of ophthalmology pathology as well as for specific ophthalmic surgery.

Our Services:

Salus also performs Optical Coherence Tomography – (OCT Scanner), an innovative imaging technique that “captures” high-resolution photographs of retinal structures, providing information on thickness, anatomy, and the relationship between different layers of the retina.
Optical coherence tomography is a noninvasive examination of the eye that utilizes a certain wavelength of light to scan the retina, dividing it into sections (just like any tomography or scanner). The computer then processes the images in high resolution.
The examination allows, in particular, to study in detail the macular area and papilla of the optic nerve.
Scans are generally performed for all diseases affecting the retina, including senile macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, CRVO (central retinal vein occlusion), CRAO (central retinal artery occlusion), diabetic retinopathy.


Prof. Dr. Paolo Maria Fantaguzzi

Dr. Giovanna Cattini

Dr. Alberto Torreggiani

Dr.Bledar Curraj

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