The Department of Dermatology in Salus deals with the treatment of skin diseases and related tissues. Composed of well-known Italian and Albanian doctors, this department collaborates with all hospital departments, providing consulting to patients suffering from skin diseases or melanomas. The Department of Dermatology at Salus Hospital offers an almost complete diagnostic and therapeutic service of dermatosis and dermatitis, and if necessary samples are passed to the laboratory to better see suspected forms of bacterial and fungal origin.

Screening is performed for the prevention of skin tumors, by means of dermatoscopy with manual polarized light epiluminescence. From the point of view of interventional surgery it offers the possibility of treating small benign lesions with liquid nitrogen Cryotherapy or Electrosurgical with the latest generation radiofrequency. It is also possible to perform small skin biopsies for suspected lesions, which are then subjected to histologic examination.

VIDIX 4.0, is a revolutionary digital video-dermatoscope, which delivers another concept of imaging making this WPT technology ideal for accurate diagnosis. VIDIX 4.0 is equipped with a dual screen to allow optimum visualization of diagnostic images and a high standard of analysis.

The medical staff of the Department of Dermatology attends conferences of the most important Italian Dermatological Societies periodically. In addition, all staff, both medical and non-medical, in addition to the usual training courses on the use of available equipment, periodically attend up-to-date courses and training as required by the Ministerial Directives on Continuing Medical Education (ECM).

Offered Services

The most common diseases treated by Salus dermatologists are:


Dr.Florida Canaj

Dr. Corrado Quadrini

Prof.Dr. Andrea Artigiani D'Alpigiani

Fabjana Dedaj

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