Cardiosurgery & Hemodynamics

The Cardiosurgery and Hemodynamics Service at the Salus Hospital enables the diagnosis and treatment of vascular, cardiac and peripheral diseases. In this service, we offer diagnosis in ambulatory conditions based on a full cardiac examination (ECG, Cardiac echocardiogram, exercise test and basic tests) and peripheral (Echodoppler and Angio CT of vessels).

Services are provided according to European standards and a qualified Turkish and Italian medical and nursing team.

The Angioplasty procedure includes the placement of medicated coronary and peripheral vascular stents, which is a mini-invasive intervention, safe and with a quick recovery time for the patient, enabling a higher quality of life.

Our team of doctors is specialized in the treatment of all cardiovascular diseases, with a primary focus on interventional cardiology, mainly in the opening of chronic botal blockage of the coronary arteries and peripheral arteries with NON-SURGICAL interventional methods and the treatment of the following diseases:

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Dr. Mehmet Gültekin Ercan

Dr. Gianfranco Franco

Dr. Carlo Fucci

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Angiografia Intervenuese në spitalin Salus.


Epoka e re e trajtimit JO KIRURGJIKAL të patologjive KARDIOVASKULARE.

Zgjerimi i arterieve poshtë gjurit, nëpërmjet ANGIOGRAFISË, PA KIRURGJI.

Sëmundja arteriale periferike (PAD). Trajtimi me Angiografi.