Prof. Dr. Alberto Pasqualin


-In 1976 he graduated in Medicine and Surgery in Padua.
-In 1981 he specialized in Neurosurgery in Milan.
-In 1976, he graduated from ECFMG for Medical Practice in the USA.
-In 1985 he completed the Specialization in European Neurosurgery (EANS).
-In 1988 he completed his master’s degree: “Research Associate” in the Cerebrovascular Laboratory, at the University of Virginia, “Charlottesville”, in the USA.
-From 1991 until now, Professor at the Specialized Schools in Neurosurgery and in
Plastic Surgery from 2005-06 to now.
-From 1980 to 1992, Assistant in Neurosurgery, NCH Department of Verona.
-From 1992 to 2004, Assistant in Neurosurgery, NCH Department of Verona.
-Since 2005, Director of the Organizational Structure of Vascular Neurosurgery, Department of NCH of Verona.


-Prof. Dr. Alberto Pasqualin represents one of the world excellences in the specialty of Neurosurgery and performs at Salus Hospital surgical interventions related to neurological and neuro-endocrinological pathologies.
-Prof. Dr. Pasqualin from January 1999 until now is the Director of the Section of Vascular Neurosurgery in Verona.
-In 2014, he was the Chairman of the “7th European-Japanese Stroke Surgery Conference”.
-From 2013 until now he has acted as the National Coordinator of the Vascular Section of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery.
-He has performed more than 1200 operations for cerebral aneurysms and more than 400 operations for cerebral angiomas.
-He has also published 170 full-length articles, edited 3 books on vascular neurosurgery and prepared various chapters for prestigious international publications.

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