Dr. Larisa Shehaj


-In the years 2009-2016, Graduated in General Medicine, at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, “GATA”, Ankara, Turkey.
-In 2015-2016, Internship at the Faculty of Medicine Gulhane, Ankara, Turkey
– From May 2018 to May 2021, completed specialization in Nephrology, “Mother Teresa” University Hospital Center, Tirana, Albania.
-In February 2020, he attended the Winter School in Nephrology, in Athens.
– In the period, July-September 2021, he performed the procedure for Abdominal Ultrasound.
-October 2022- July 2023, Clinical Fellowship in Turkey awarded by the International Society of Nephrology.
-Participation in national and international conferences




– In 2016 until April 2018 Health Specialist at the Ministry of Defense.
-In the years 2018-2021, Doctor at the Department of Nephrology, University Medical Center of Tirana “Mother Teresa”
– Has published original articles in international magazines.
-Member of the European and international association of Nephrology (ERA-EDTA, ISN).
– June 2021 and continuing Nephrology doctor at Salus Hospital.
-January 2023, participant in the 6th meeting of the Winter EUROD.
-March 2023, participant in the International Nephrology Masterclass (Milan).
-April 2023, participant in the course for catheter placement for peritoneal dialysis, (Istanbul)
-May 2023, participant in the course on “Advances in glomerular diseases” in Istanbul and in epidemiology in Prague.
-2023 onwards, National Representative in the European Association.




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