Dr. Giovanna Cattini


-In 1961, she graduated in Optometry at the University of Milan with excellent results, in Italy.
-In 1984, graduated as an assistant in Ophthalmology at the University of Trieste, with excellent results, in Italy.
-Since 1979, participant in all world and European congresses, presenting several scientific papers in KYOTO on the occasion of the 1995 world congress.
– In 1996, winner of the first prize for research on diplopia at the European congress in Nancy.
-In 2003 she presented a paper on saccadic suppression in clinical practice at the University of Padua and two papers in Rome on strabismus and diplopia.
-She completed specializations in various European Universities such as: London – Antwerp – Nantes – Lyon – Nancy – Lisbon – Madrid – Tübingen – Lausanne – Zermatt.


-From 1961 to 1969, she worked in the Milan hospital (Croce Rossa) and in the provincial hospital in Como (Cantù and Merate).
-In 1969, she worked near the office of prof. Carones, as assistant Ophthalmologist.
-In 1979, she collaborated in the “Città di Milano” and “Madonnina” clinics.
-In 1998 to 2003, she developed her activity in surgical assistance at the “Italian Diagnostic Center”.
– From 1979 onwards, participant in the Foundation for Updates in Paris.
– From 1988 onwards she has worked in various Italian and European cities such as: Pesaro, Ancona, Foligno, Rome, Forlì, Modena, in New York: Manhattan and the Ear and Eye Hospital.
-She collaborated for about 6 years with INSREM of Lyon and bioengineers of several Italian universities to create a device for recording all horizontal and vertical eye movements and convergence.
-Since 2003 she was transferred to the “COLUMBUS” clinic and since 2004 the clinic has an agreement with BICOCCA, Italy.
-In 2005, Lecturer in the neuro-ophthalmology department of the Rothschild Foundation.
-In 2007, leading lectures at the University of Parma on eye movements in electrophysiology.
-Participant in the congresses of European professors for Neuro-ophthalmology in Bolzano, in Montpellier, Zermatt, in the congress on diplopia.
-In 2008, together with other associate professors, she organized a multidisciplinary congress on diplopia in Fontanellato, with the participation of several directors of foreign university clinics.
– From 1994 onwards, she has performed pre-operative examinations and followed about 1100 interventions with local anesthesia and over 1500 interventions with general anesthesia.
-Now part of Salus Hospital.

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