Dr. Gastone Bergamaschi


-Graduate in Cardio-Angio-Surgery
– Graduated in Vascular Surgery

-Head of the Department of General Surgery at “Alto Vicentino” Hospital ULSS4
-In 2002 Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery at ULLSS 20 Verona
-Various cooperation missions among which, vascular surgeon in 2004, Hospital of Peja, Kosovo and also in Padova.


Dr. Gastone Bergamaschi is an expert surgeon in vascular surgery and receives patients at Salus Hospital for visits and interventions for:
– Cerebrovascular disease such as carotid artery stenosis
– Acute or chronic ischemic pathology of the upper limbs.
– Access to hemodialysis (altero venous fistulas).
– Acute or chronic arteriopathy of the lower limbs; diabetic arteriopathy.
– Aneurysmal pathology of the abdominal aorta; aneurysmal pathology of visceral arteries.
– Arteriopathy of varicose veins
– Superficial venous insufficiency
– Acute or chronic pathology of peripheral and iliac-caval deep venous circulation

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