Dr. Fabjan Mustafaj


-In the years 2003-2007, he completed the non-public high school “Hasan Riza Pasha” Shkoder
-In the years 2007-2013, completed the University of Medicine, Faculty of General Medicine, Tirana.
-Graduated in the Master of Science in General Medicine study cycle.
-In 2013-2014, he did a medical practice in Istanbul, to exchange experience and learn the most advanced medical and surgical methods with the Turkish health system.
-In the years 2015-2019, completed a long-term specialization in “General Surgery” under the leadership of Prof. Arben Gjata Assistant in surgical interviews with Prof. Nikollaq Kacani and Prof. Arben Gjata
– On September 19 – 21, 2016, completed the Microsurgery course at the Neurosurgery Service, Experimental Laboratory, “Q.S.U.T”, Tirana
-In January 2014, he completed training in Laparoscopic Surgery, Acibadem, Istanbul, Turkey.


-In 2013-2014, Assistant Doctor during visits, filling out medical cards, assistant in general surgery and gynecology interventions, Assistant Doctor on duty in the “Intensive Care Unit”, in the “Sante Plus” Hospital, Zytinburnu, Istanbul.
– In the period March 2014 – September 2014, Assistant Physician, in the interventions of General, Thoracic, Laparoscopic Surgery, postoperative follow-up of patients, presence during surgical visits, translation into Turkish for Albanian patients at “Acibadem” Hospital, Istanbul.
-In 2014-2015, family doctor at the Health Center in Shkoder, for visits, medical checks, diagnostics in the ambulance, follow-up of patients with chronic pathologies, Regional Directorate of Public Health, Shkoder.
– In 2018, Assistant Surgeon, for general and urological surgery interventions at the American Hospital.
-From August 2018, and continuing, Surgeon for ambulatory visits, surgical interventions, assistance in major surgical interventions such as in tumors of the Liver, Pancreas, Colon, Stomach, Lungs. Completing the documentation and follow-up of postoperative patients. Solution of postoperative complications. in “Salus” Hospital Tirana.
-Participant in National Surgery Conferences for 7 years at in and out of country.
-Continuous training in the field of urology, thoracic surgery, angiosurgery at the University Hospital Center “Mother Tereza” and the University Hospital “Shefqet Ndroqi”

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