Dr. Claudio Milani


– From 1975 to 1982 he attended the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Padova, and the Institute of Urology directed by Professor Francesco Pagano in the last 3 years of the degree course.
-In December 1987, he enrolled in the School of Specialization in Urology, receiving the Diploma of Specialization in the Discipline, with excellent results.


‍-Dr. Claudio Milani has been a Specialist in Urology since 1987 and the main skills acquired over the years include the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases of both sexes.
-From December 1984 to February 1993, he worked at the Nursing Home, “Morgagni” in Padua with clinical and organizational activities in the management of patients of Prof. Francesco Pagano.
-In March 1993, he assisted as a medical assistant at the Institute of Urology of the University of Padova.
-In April 2003, he was transferred to the Urology Unit of the S. Antonio Hospital in Padua, with the role of deputy director and head of the “Urological Laparoscopy” Structure.
– From July 2005 to March 2021, he was the general director of the Urology department at the hospital “ss. Giovanni e Paolo” in Venice.
-From April 1, 2021, he has performed clinical activities as a freelancer, performing surgical interventions in private facilities connected to the National Health System.
-Participant in numerous Urology Courses and Congresses, as a lecturer or speaker and author of over 167 scientific publications in national and international journals.
-From 1994 to 2005 he was a lecturer at the School of Urology Specialization at the University of Padova.
Dr. Claudio Milani is the author of more than 10,000 surgical procedures:
– 1600 major oncological operations (kidney, bladder, prostate, testicles).
-760 reconstructive surgery (urinary diversions, urethroplasty for stenosis and malformations, ureteral reimplantation, pyeloplasty) in adults and pediatrics.
-2100 endoscopies of the lower urinary tract (bladder neoplasms, prostate hypertrophy, urethral strictures).
-1250 endoscopy of the upper urinary tract (stones, neoplasia, strictures).
-165 interventions with laparoscopic technique assisted by robots

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