Welcome to SALUS

Salus is an Italian-Albanian private hospital providing healthcare and hospitalization for medical and surgical diseases.

Our Hospital 
Services are performed by Italian and Albanian doctors, trained in Italy and various European countries, according to international clinical standards, using the most sophisticated, patient-compliant operating techniques and relying on ever-expanding equipment and tools. In this way Salus guarantees to the patient a safe diagnosis procedure and the most effective treatment for any pathology encountered.

Our Values

Salus Hospital operates according to these criteria and principles:

1. At the heart of everything is the human being, respect for human dignity, equality and professional ethics.
2. Clinical-assistive quality, suitability of therapies, inclusion and continued qualification of human resources, obtained through permanent training and updating programs aimed at improving the hospital system.
3. Constantly looking for innovative technological and organizational assistance opportunities and ways.
4.Informing the patient regarding the therapy and care, which are clearly and understandably described in advance, accepted and signed with informed consent.
5.Participation of citizens by guaranteeing the right to information about Hospital activities and service quality assessment (Public Relations Office – Charter of Services – Customer Satisfaction program).
6. Maximum confidentiality for personal data of users.
7. Clarity and transparency in service tariffs, which are announced before the services are performed and do not change.

Our Mission

Salus is committed to treating patients with the highest quality of healthcare services, who are always provided with ethics and professionalism. Salus guarantees the patient the best treatment possible, utilizing advanced technologies, avant-garde diagnostic and treatment modalities and provides a polite, professional, and respectful patient support service.

Particularly, Salus Hospital:
Takes care to provide highly complex and efficient scientifically proven health services, taking the place of a structure of excellence in the Albanian territory.
Provides health services that aim to guarantee the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation for diseases of a low-to-medium complexity, with very good assistance.
Designs and develops training activities to provide more quality services for citizens and to reassess the capabilities of their associates.
Helps promote, maintain and develop the state of health of the population, even by collaborating with Italian hospitals of excellence and other structures present in the territory.

Our Vision

Salus arises out of a willingness to provide high quality health services to Albanian citizens, as is commonly the case in other European countries.

To realize this idea, Dr. Olti Pecini and Salus Healing House in Trieste founded Salus Sh.A. starting to project, in accordance with the context, this new “Italian-Albanian” health reality.

Dear friends, colleagues, staff of Salus Hospital, thank you all for the work done and the quality demonstrated during these years at our Salus Hospital. As you know our hospital motto is Ethics, Quality and Truth, I wish these elements of your work would accompany us throughout our time and service to the patient. It is the need for these qualities that will enable us to grow and grow our work. Wishing you all the best in your work, I thank you all for your sincere dedication.

Dr. Olti Peçini